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Target Corp - Target Priority Chemicals List (TPCL)

Target Priority Chemicals List (TPCL)

From Target Priority Chemical List Description:At Target, we know that our guests care about the...

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From Target Priority Chemical List Description:

At Target, we know that our guests care about the chemicals that go in, on, or around their bodies. That is why we have always been committed to providing better products for our guests. As part of that commitment, we launched our chemical policy in 2017 which focuses on driving transparency, proactive chemical management, and innovation across all our owned and national brand consumer products.

When we launched our chemical policy, we also introduced specific and time-bound goals for our textile and formulated products. These goals have allowed us to make progress in advancing our broad transparency, chemical management, and innovation objectives.  

As part of our goals for formulated products, we set out to achieve transparency for all ingredients in our household cleaning and personal care products, as well as improve these product categories by formulating without unwanted chemicals – establishing our first Unwanted Chemicals List (UCL).

As part of our chemical management commitments, we began to analyze the chemical data to improve our understanding of the chemicals used in our formulated products in early 2019. As a result of the analysis, we have updated our existing UCL and will rename it our Target Priority Chemical List (TPCL). 

TPCL Development Criteria

Using the collected and analyzed data, we developed the following criteria used to trigger a chemical’s inclusion onto our TPCL.


The chemicals included on our current Target Priority Chemical list must meet ALL of the following criteria:

Be found in Target’s product assortment AND;

Consensus 1 exists that the chemical is of concern AND;

Be an intentionally added ingredient AND;

Have a GreenScreen score of BM-1, BM-2, LT-1, or LT-P1 AND;

Have evidence to support a hazard classification of CMR, PBT, ED and/or substance of equivalent concern AND;

Human and/or environmental exposure to chemical across the product’s lifecycle could be anticipated.

If a chemical meets all the above criteria, but ALSO has any of the following exceptions, it was removed from possible inclusion onto our TPCL.


General exceptions to criteria

The ingredient is on the Safer Choice list for acceptable use, or;

It is an FDA approved OTC ingredient, or;

There is overriding concern over the potential implications of eliminating an entire class/function (e.g. preservatives) or;

Chemicals already banned in an applicable category/use in the U.S.

Hazards for Hazard List
Endpoint Hazard Rating and Description GREENSCREEN® HPD C2C
Restricted List
Restricted List: Potential concern hazard
Target Priority Chemicals List (TPCL)

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